In IT Security, emphasis is often placed on web penetration testing. However, web penetration testing is just one facet of having a comprehensive and secured IT Security posture. Another pivotal technique that people often neglect is to do a Network Penetration Test. Network Penetration Testing is the process of exploiting vulnerabilities in order to uncover what information is actually exposed. This test is important as it prevents weaknesses in your IT Infrastructure to be exploited. This means that you can defend the availability and integrity of your IT Network.

Using our proprietary methodology, we instill best practices like DNS brute-force attacks, Finger and foot-printing, etc to ensure the security of your network. Without this penetration testing, your network could be used by an external attacker to disrupt the confidentiality, availability or integrity of the system, thereby allowing the organisation to address each weakness.


Improve Security Features Improve and modify project’s security features
Vulnerability identification Help to boost the security of your IT system as well as identify future risks and the importance of effective rectification in the network
Enhanced Security Obtain higher security levels with regular conducts of network penetration testing
Intrusion Prevention Strengthen network vulnerability and avoid external users from hacking into your system