Web penetration testing is a simulation attack by an expert white hacker in a controlled environment. With a tapestry of manual testing, expert scripts, industry tools and proprietary methodology, Tech Security is one of Singapore’s leading consultancies in the field. Unlike many IT Security companies in the market, we do not stop after the Web Penetration Testing. Instead, we provide expert advice in terms of closing the identified gaps and assist in the improvement in your IT Security posture through hardening of infrastructure and processes in order to make sure that you achieve high levels of IT Security standards.

We simulate an attack on the client’s network by a professional hacker. Using a combination of popular tools, proprietary scripts, and manual testing, we do our best to penetrate the network in a non-destructive way. After the attack, we point out all the flaws in the client’s defenses and help the client on how to improve infrastructure, configuration and processes needed to permanently improve security in their network.


Uncover Web Vulnerabilities Identify and test network vulnerabilities to determine if system will be able to defend against any future attacks
Security Protocols Ensure that security protocols for data security are met and strengthened
Vulnerability identification All types of web flaws and weaknesses are reviewed and rectified
Penetration Testing Reports Penetration reports given to clients to reduce similar mistakes in the future and save costs